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Guarda Wallet and Loopring Bounty

Guarda Wallet and Loopring Bounty

Guarda Wallet and Loopring are announcing the start of a new partner bounty campaign!
Get ready to receive LRC for your knowledge, take part in the ecosystem expansion and have some fun with your favorite crypto projects.

Guarda Wallet and Loopring bounty quiz

How to participate in Guarda Wallet and Loopring bounty quiz?

  1. For all of you willing to jump on the bandwagon and get a chance to win 100 LRC tokens, here are the rules:
  2. Download our mobile application for even handier access to your funds (iOS and Android versions available)
  3. Follow Guarda Wallet on Twitter
  4. Follow Loopring on Twitter
  5. Join our Telegram group
  6. Join Loopring Telegram group
  7. Answer the questions listed here or in the bounty section of your wallets on Guarda
  8. You can find the right answers to the quiz questions in this article and on the official website of Loopring and in these three articles: Loopring 3.0 Overview: From A to zkSNARKs, Loopring 3.0: LRC Utility Model, Loopring – An open protocol for scalable, non-custodial exchanges.

    Among the participants who answered all questions correctly, we will randomly choose 100 winners to receive 100 LRC tokens each.

What is Loopring?

Loopring’s objective is to design and engineer the best-in-class order book-based DEX protocol on Ethereum. The team wishes to make this infrastructure available for the whole industry, powering people to build highly scalable decentralized crypto-exchanges, and improving crypto-asset holders’ overall trading experience and peace of mind. Loopring expects that these efforts will accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.
High performance and security are achieved by using ZK-Rollup construction – you can read more about it in the materials provided by our partners.

How will Loopring and Guarda bounty tokens be distributed?

LRC token prizes will be sent out to the winners after the official announcement of the bounty being over on Guarda Wallet Twitter page. To receive the prize, it is necessary to leave your Guarda ETH wallet address in Loopring quiz form.

Once the tokens are received, they will appear in a designated LRC token storage within the Ethereum wallet section.

Check the Bounty page in your wallet for more details.