Written By Elizabeth Saul


BREAKING: Guarda Supports Komodo Upgrade

BREAKING: Guarda Supports Komodo Upgrade

Komodo Upgrade Upcoming

We are here this Friday to bring you some cryptocurrency news. We all know that if you do not develop, you do not survive – the cryptocurrency world lives by pretty much the same rules. This jungle law is why network upgrades need to happen often. Cryptocurrencies need to adjust to the ever-changing circumstances. When talking about the networks that are good in reformatting and changing their game plans, we just have to mention Komodo (KMD). That’s a winner right here!

Komodo platform is in constant development –  just as well as Guarda Wallets, to be fair.
So, we are here to announce that Komodo Code Base upgrade that will be performed on the 15th of December 2018 is supported on our wallets.  

To give you a little bit more information on the KMD upgrade, we mention the upcoming modifications in our official statement:

Komodo platform, as the official website announces, will activate a number of new features at 01.00 UTC. This will include the Sapling Upgrade, new asset chain parameters, and block size increase (from 2 MB to 4 MB). This is possibly the biggest upgrade in Komodo’s history and we cannot wait for the changes to be here!

Buckle up and wait for the Komodo platform to go on a totally new level.
Soon after the upgrade, we will be releasing a more detailed article on the changes brought by the new features implemented on the platform.

Guarda supports change, always.
P.S. dear KMD holders, do not forget about the ongoing upgrade. 15th December 2018, 01.00 UTC.