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Interview at Crypto News Flash

Interview at Crypto News Flash

I think it is relevant to give a little introduction both to the project and to myself. Let’s start with Guarda. Guarda Wallet is a non-custodial, multi-asset, multi-platform cryptocurrency wallet. Currently, we have Web, Desktop, Chrome Extension and Mobile versions of our storages, single-currency apps for Android, the Token Generator, built-in exchanges and purchases and more pretty exciting things hidden within the wallets. You should definitely give it a try and tell me what you think! Moving on to my own position – I am the Chief Marketing Officer of Guarda and my name is Maria Carola.

1. First, we would like to know Maria, how did you become aware of the website Crypto News Flash. How do you inform yourself about current news in the crypto space and how often?

One of the main features of my work is being alert about all the recent happenings in the crypto space, so I try to be constantly updated on all the events and news. Usually, the key is to check as many sources as you can – switch between them, check the opinions. I read Twitter a lot, so there’s usually a pretty good selection of articles and materials, at my service. As for Crypto News Flash – I was checking articles on cryptocurrency wallets and stumbled upon your content – great job you’re doing!

2. What are the biggest challenges the cryptocurrency industry currently is facing from your point of view? How can these problems be addressed?

The crypto industry is still pretty young and there are quite some issues in need of being addressed. Everybody is talking about regulations now – of course, this is a major point. But there is even more. Usage convenience, for example. We need the use cases, we need the services to facilitate the use. It’s great to know that Guarda is one of those – by adding functionality, finding new partners, constantly searching for solutions and ways to improve we are making the cryptocurrency space a little bit friendlier, hopefully. Work hard and don’t give up – this is how you address the problems! Well, at least from our perspective.

3. What contributions does Guarda Wallet want to make to the crypto industry? Perhaps you can tell us something about Guarda’s history and your corporate philosophy?

I have already mentioned this in the previous question a little, but never tired of repeating this. First and foremost, we are creating a convenient, stable and versatile crypto wallet allowing users to manage multiple currencies in one place. The point of crypto management is not only in being able to transact, but having additional features on board of your wallet (exchanges, purchases, staking and more). 
A little bit of a throwback into Guarda Wallet history – we have started back in 2017 as an Ethereum wallet application. Non-custodial, open-source, Android-only. Back then, there was a need for a wallet that is simply user-friendly. We took this as a goal for creating Guarda – an interface that would let you manage ETH and tokens in a simple and understandable way.
From this point, the development was fast. More single-currency wallets, the Web version of our multi-coin interface, Desktop, Chrome Extension, Mobile, additional products and services – you name it. In these two years we have managed to create an ecosystem allowing Guarda users to manage 45+ major currencies along with their tokens.
Talking about corporate philosophy – we are a team of people interested in the very core notions of the cryptocurrency space. Decentralisation, privacy, security – all of those are the things that got us into the space, in the first place. If by this question you mean something more of corporate culture – well, the core team are definitely the people thinking alike – we want to make the space friendly and facilitate adoption.

4. What is the difference between Guarda wallet and other multi-coin wallet providers? Why should users choose the Guarda wallet?

Mostly, the difference lies in both the number of coins and tokens we support and functionality. We are very much into currency-specific features and expanding the limits of what a wallet can do. The vision behind Guarda is creating one interface that is enough to fulfill the requirements for managing the most major crypto assets without the need for switching to other services. Besides, you can choose the platform to operate with from all the versions that Guarda offers. To put it all in short, you should choose Guarda for security (never giving our principles on non-custodial crypto storage and decentralisation up), versatility (offering multiple platforms, features and integrated services) and handiness.

5. What is the current state of development of the Guarda wallet? Which features are currently being worked on and which functions are planned in the long term? Which new cryptocurrencies will be supported on the Guarda wallet in the future?

Good question! The most important thing for us right now is working on both expansion and increasing stability/quality even more – quite a task, but we’re getting through it. As for the features – the latest additions were human-readable wallet addresses. Also added TRON-based tokens! There is surely more Guarda has in store for you, though. Stay tuned! 
The long-term is a little bit more unpredictable – we have our roadmap packed with all the features and additions we would like to implement. There’s a lot, believe me. As for new coins – we are always open to adding new projects to our supported cryptocurrency family. If you have a coin in mind, shoot it to Guarda Wallet team – we will definitely see what we can do.

6. Guarda wallet is currently working on one of the first light clients for Zcash that will support shielded addresses. What made you take on a pioneering role in this regard? What is the current development status and when can we expect the official release?

Have great news for you here – we have already released the application for Android. Shielded Guarda went live in the beginning of summer this year – now we are improving it and bringing z-addr adoption out there. Quite some plans! Implementing currency-specific features and working together with foundations, as I have already mentioned before, is very important for us – hence, taking part in developing a lightweight wallet supporting Shielded transactions was something right up our alley. Guarda Wallet is one of the projects that received a grant from Zcash Foundation, actually.

7. How do you see the current situation on the Bitcoin market? The tendencies currently strive from a great bounce to $ 1.000till the long-term bullishness due to the Bitcoin Halving. So how do you feel?

Well, the market is volatile, what can I say. Of course, the fluctuations impact our work – not really going to comment on the market situation at the moment, but I believe it is a good time for us to work on adding more features and keep Guarda growing. Wait for the market and Bitcoin price to boom!

8. Which cryptocurrency projects do you find particularly exciting at the moment? Which one has the greatest potential for a breakthrough into the mainstream?

There are so many. Not sure if you are referring to coins, tokens, or services here, but there are certainly projects that are doing a great job in making the space more interesting. Love everything about vendors accepting cryptocurrency as a mean of payment if you are talking services. Analytics and research projects for cryptocurrency are great now, too. There are just way too many projects to pinpoint something in particular! Great to have the space that is still open-minded and trying to implement known and new technologies in unexpected fields (if we are talking blockchain) or find ways to tackle the possible obstacles associated with cryptocurrency.

Huge thanks to Crypto News Flash for having us and conducting this interview!

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