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Dogecoin Wallet | How to store your DOGE

Dogecoin Wallet | How to store your DOGE

Dogecoin wallet is always available on Guarda. However, if you have not heard of DOGE before, would like to know more about DOGE wallets and are seeking a tutorial – this is an article for you.

Have you ever considered the crypto space overly serious? Or maybe to geeky? Like all these tech guys in hoodies sitting around in circles and discussing their Bitcoins? Well, here’s a currency that changes this perspective. Meet a crypto coin named after a meme – DOGE (Dogecoin)

What is Dogecoin?

Doge cryptocurrency

DOGE is, first of all, a cryptocurrency. The project started out in 2013. The original idea was to make this crypto a joke, but the community embraced the idea of having a friendly, welcoming, and fun coin – this played a huge role in its further development. Currently, the DOGE coin is present on major exchange services and is supported by the very majority of multi-currency wallets. Possibly, it proves the overall obsession with memes. We agree, that having an attitude as positive as the Doge community does is much better than spreading negativity around the web.

Dogecoin comes in unlimited supply, making it stand out from other cryptos that are, so to say, “restrained”. Dogecoin is a PoW type, but, unlike Bitcoin and other well-known PoW coins, does not have direct mining.

Dogecoin community

DOGE is known for its welcoming and active community. As we have already mentioned, the idea of the coin itself became so widespread because people on social networks quickly adopted it and started to use DOGE for tipping content creators. Besides, the community often gathers to raise funds for various causes – charity, fund losses, etc. The most known event that the Dogecoin community has participated in was possibly raising $50.000 to send the bobsled team of Jamaica to the Olympics in 2014 (there were other fantastic fundraisers that you can check here). If this is not great community work, we do not know what is.

The development of the blockchain was handed over to the community members over time.

How to buy DOGE?

Doge cryptocurrency, despite the losses in development and still price, the Dogecoin community keeps the project alive and so does, at times Elon Musk. You can get DOGE across various exchanges globally. Dogecoin can be purchased with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a variety of other coins and tokens. However, you need to get a Dogecoin wallet first.

Dogecoin wallet

Dogecoin is running on its own blockchain so, logically, it requires an especially-designed wallet. Wallets for Dogecoin are present in quite an abundance – in different versions and with varying functionality. You can go with the official wallet of the project – Multidoge or choose one of the third-party wallets offering DOGE coin support. When choosing the best Dogecoin wallet, you need to pay attention to some universal criteria. Here’s the list:

  1. Security. We suggest choosing a non-custodial Dogecoin wallet. Custody-free wallets do not have access and cannot store the personal data of their clients. You are the only owner of your DOGE (pardon the pun). You can learn more about the differences between custodial and non-custodial wallets in this guide of ours.
  2. Development. Rapidly developing wallets are the ones winning in the end. This is why we suggest paying attention to whether your wallet of choice adds new features and updates frequently and how active are the wallet developers.
  3. Community. Like cryptocurrency, your Dogecoin wallet community needs to be active enough. First of all, it means that there are people using the wallet often (which is, of course, a great plus). Secondly, you might quite a bit of useful information from the people who are already on board with the service you are about to choose for yourself.
  4. Functionality. A great wallet for Dogecoin needs to be functional enough. The things to look for – are built-in exchanges, purchases, extra features, and supported platforms. There are many details that make a good Dogecoin wallet but, most importantly, choose a service that is convenient for you.
  5. Support. If you are new to the crypto space, you may have lots of questions along the way. Check out the support line of your wallet and see if they work efficiently and really help the users. Besides, you can also address your DOGE wallet-related questions to the developers on social networks.

How to create a Dogecoin Wallet

After checking all the boxes above, you can move to the step of actually creating a wallet. Here we will attach a guide on how to create a Dogecoin web wallet on Guarda:

  1. On the main page of Guarda’s website, click Create Wallet.
  2. After being redirected to the welcome screen, choose to create a new wallet again.
  3. Make up a strong password to protect your Dogecoin wallet with. You can use our crypto wallet password guide to help you out.
  4. Download your DOGE wallet backup. Be sure to store it securely as it is essential to the wallet access.
  5. You Dogecoin wallet is all set up! You are ready to store, send, receive and exchange Dogecoin freely.