Written By Elizabeth Saul


How to get Bitcoin SV for the BCH I had before the hard fork?

How to get Bitcoin SV for the BCH I had before the hard fork?

Every time a hard fork happens, the world around cryptocurrency holders gets a little bit more confusing. This time, after a November 15th Bitcoin Cash hard fork, it surely happened too. Guarda is here to help you untangle from occurring questions and make sense of all your post-fork wallet activity. The situation that we are going to talk about is:

“I have BCH in my Guarda wallet that I got before the fork. How can I see my Bitcoin Cash SV?”

First of all, do not worry – Guarda took care of all the maintenance and made the BCH transition way as easy as possible.

There are just a few simple steps that you need to follow to see the newly forked crypto in your wallet:

  1. To get an equal amount of Bitcoin Cash SV for your Bitcoin Cash, you need to create a new wallet that is specifically designed for storing BCHSV.
  2. To create a wallet, you need to click an “Add Wallet” button in Guarda and choose an importing option.
  3. You will see the screen where you can choose the type of cryptocurrency for your new wallet – choose BCHSV and import a private key from your previous Bitcoin Cash wallet. Remember, Guarda is a non-custodial service and does not keep any private information on the users.
  4. Once you have put in the private key, you will get a new wallet with Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision waiting for you!

Enjoy using your new BCHSV Wallet!