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Complete Guide on FIO protocol

Complete Guide on FIO protocol

Before people can send and receive crypto like fiat, cryptocurrencies need to overcome usability barriers. Anyone who uses blockchain and works with decentralized systems knows how unfriendly blockchain is. FIO protocol began to improve the way people use blockchain.

What is FIO Protocol?

After a hype cycle in 2017, cryptocurrencies have not yet entered the mass market. However, the founder believes that if usability is improved, it is entirely feasible to join the mass market. FIO’s goal is to create a blockchain usability layer that makes blockchain simple, safe, and comfortable.

The FIO protocol is a service layer for the local blockchain and payment processing platform, which aims to increase the availability of cryptocurrency wallets.

How to solve usability problems with FIO?

The protocol deals with many usability-related problems.
For example, a Bitcoin address containing up to 35 alphanumeric characters. For ordinary people, this is not easy to read.

Usually, it means that people copy and paste it into their wallets. This is a security risk in itself, because “man-in-the-middle attacks” may be used by hackers to replace a given public address.

Based on the same principle, sending public cryptocurrency addresses via email is risky. Because the transaction is irreversible. If an error occurs, the transaction fails, and the user loses money.

The FIO protocol handles this problem by replacing long and complicated public addresses with simple, human-readable FIO addresses. This address can work across multiple blockchain networks.

FIO payment request

It is a function to send a payment request from one wallet to another. It is entirely decentralized and private. Importantly, meta-information (such as notifications, order cards, or invoices) can be included in the request. It immediately enables these features on every blockchain. The user has the same experience and interface-no matter what token they interact with. The protocol itself does not require forks or changes to the blockchain.

Besides, the availability of metadata also has an impact on merchants and e-commerce. It is often impossible to include other data in the original transaction.

Also, the ability to perform a refund is much simpler because the merchant has the customer’s FIO address.

Cooperation with other startups and fees

FIO is an alliance-working company with cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges, and payment providers. Several European cryptocurrency startups are vital, including Guarda Wallet.

There is a yearly fee associated with a FIO Address registration, which pays for the various features of the protocol which requires data to be added to the chain. The goal is for most users to never see an incremental transaction cost for using FIO outside of the yearly registration cost.

The main network was released in the first quarter of 2020 and will be completely decentralized. It may actually play a significant role in making cryptocurrency-friendly to the masses.

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