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Apply to Become our Guardian – Community Ambassador Programme Is Starting!

Apply to Become our Guardian – Community Ambassador Programme Is Starting!

The Guarda team needs your help in introducing the world to blockchain and spreading crypto adoption. We have come a long way from one Ethereum application back in 2017 to a whole ecosystem built around custody-free, multi-currency, feature-packed wallets.

The team of highly trained specialists in IT, FinTech, security, marketing, design and UI/UX, Guarda is offering the most technologically advanced products and services. Becoming the Guardian is a great opportunity for you to get the insight into the happenings of the space and contribute to the very core of our project – our wallets.

What do you need to do to become a Guardian?

Our Guardians are:

  1. People who are able to find and share information as well as engage with the newcomers
  2. Global and regional cryptocurrency experts, traders, influencers, and strategic thinkers
  3. Users who are ready and capable of nurturing awareness about Guarda and other great blockchain-related projects worldwide
  4. Engaged crypto-community members

What are you going to do as a Guardian?

  1. You’ll be able to work with key feedback by responding to the users and answering questions
  2. You’ll be spreading crypto usage adoption by giving guidelines to the newcomers
  3. Your propositions on Guarda wallet work and development will be evaluated by the team in top-priority mode
  4. You’ll work with the coolest specialists from all across the blockchain space
  5. You’ll become the community leader for those starting their crypto journey
  6. You’ll help us in going local by translating Guarda into your native language

What are the benefits of becoming a Guardian?

  1. Become the very first to try all the cool new features and betas out
  2. Receive super-limited edition merch gifts from Guarda Wallet
  3. Get a compensation in Guarda’s partnering tokens – new crypto perks with every airdrop
  4. Get exclusive discounts and offers on our products and services
  5. Finally, you will be a part of the best crypto wallet team out there and work closely in connection!

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