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Binance Chain on Guarda | What to Expect

Binance Chain on Guarda | What to Expect

BNB wallets are already available on Guarda. Check this guide and find out how to create a Binance Coin wallet, how to manage it and what to expect next.

Binance DEX (Decentralised Exchange) launches on the native blockchain of the cryptocurrency exchange giant. The community celebration is everywhere on social networks and Guarda Wallet team joins the hype.

Launching the decentralised exchange is the way Binance opens new possibilities and offering a new, transparent and trustless financial system.

Overall, the exchange titan has been in the spotlight for quite some time with the blockchain going live and token migration performed earlier this day. 

Binance Chain on Guarda

Guarda wallet team has great plans for this new addition to the ever-expanding crypto space. Our development team has been working hard to make Guarda wallets an ultimate instrument of working with the DEX and the native blockchain.

What we are offering or will be adding to Guarda in the nearest future

  • Binance Chain support, BNB wallets
  • Wallets for all the asset tokens
  • In-wallet swaps from BNB ERC20 tokens to BNB coins

Some more great announcements are coming soon – expect truly big events! Stay tuned to Binance Coin and token news by following Guarda on Twitter.

How to create a BNB wallet



  1. On the main page of Guarda Wallet website, click Create a Wallet.
  2. Once redirected to the welcome screen, choose to create a new wallet again.
  3. Think of a strong password to protect your new BNB wallet with. You can use our cryptocurrency wallet password guide to help you out.
  4. Download your backup. Remember that your Guarda backup is, along with the password, essential to the wallet access. Store it securely!
  5. Your BNB Coin wallet has just been created! The asset tokens are available by the same address, too.