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Guarda Wallets Warns Users of Email Phishing

Guarda Wallets Warns Users of Email Phishing

Dear Guarda Wallet users,

We got reports from some users who received emails regarding 3rd party data leaks on behalf of the ‘Guarda Team.’ Even some people who do not use Guarda Wallet received such emails. It is a scam activity. We urge users to beware of emails from [email protected] or any other email users posing to be ‘Guarda Team.’

Guarda Wallets Warns Users of Email Phishing

Guarda partners reported no data leaks, and the Guarda Team is not spreading any information about data leaks. Furthermore, Guarda is a non-custodial crypto wallet. Therefore, we want to remind you that we do not have access to your names, personal information, keys, or funds.

So, what do you do when you receive such an email?

  1. Ignore the email.
  2. Do not give out your personal data, especially your private key, password, and mnemonic phrase!
  3. Report any suspicious activity to your email provider or Guarda Team.

Read about crypto scams and tips on how to save your funds on Guarda. If you have any questions, contact Guarda support.

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