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Guarda Wallet Partners with MagicFox

Guarda Wallet Partners with MagicFox

We are glad to announce that Guarda Wallet has partnered with MagicFox, a leading next-gen DEX and yield optimizer protocol. The partnership will introduce a wide range of new opportunities for our users, including the ability to store, send, receive and manage the FOX and SHROOM tokens on Guarda Wallet. 

MagicFox, operating on Binance Smart Chain, Arbitrum and Polygon using LayerZero, is designed to provide a secure and rewarding experience for its investors. The platform offers a myriad of exciting opportunities for passive income, with a core focus on transparency and fairness, ensuring that investors can make well-informed decisions about their investments. Furthermore, MagicFox’s Marketplace for Liquidity is a groundbreaking approach for projects to incentivize liquidity and attract new investors.

MagicFox utilizes the Solidly Ve(3,3) tokenomics model, with FOX and SHROOM tokens being the backbone of the project’s ecosystem. FOX is a Swap token and gets emitted as reward for providing liquidity in farms, whereas SHROOM is an Optimizer token and users earn it by depositing capital in vaults.

Create your FOX and SHROOM wallets on Guarda multi crypto wallet platform. We’re here to make sure your crypto journey is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Thank you for choosing Guarda!

Guarda Wallet Team