Guarda Wallet supports Tron cryptocurrency

Written by Paul Sokolov

05 Feb 2019

Tron cryptocurrency

The present and the future of Tron 

Tron cryptocurrency is added into Guarda wallets. We are glad to add support for TRX and we would like our followers to know more about this prosperous currency and determined Foundation.

What is Tron?

Tron was founded in 2017 by Justin Sun. The Singapore-based Foundation released a cryptocurrency called Tronix – TRX (now TRON)  that quickly became an innovative addition to the list of popular cryptos. The idea behind Tron, however, makes the coin stand out from the pool.


The main aim of Tron is to establish connections with the entertainment industry. The focus of Tron development is to help eliminate the mega middlemen that stand in the way of users and creators. If you are a content creator, you will have the ability to receive your revenue directly with the use of Tron network. The third-party sites often have the monopoly in the entertainment field – sites such as Google Play, Facebook and others control the traffic for the creators. Tron foundation wants to change the situation on the market and eliminate this dependency.


What can we say about Tron future?

Surely, predicting the future of cryptocurrencies is a complicated task. The crypto market is volatile and the results of the swings can lead to massive leaps in any direction. Despite this, Tron is considered to be one of the coins with great market potential. TRX is already showing the growth in the Asian markets and we believe that the upward trend will continue for the TRX price.


How can TRX be stored?

Tron can be stored in a variety of cryptocurrency wallets. From hardware to web versions, TRX wallet choices flooded the market as the coin started to gain popularity. Originally, Tron was compatible with Ethereum wallets as the currency started out as the Ethereum-based token. In 2018, however, it had its own mainnet launch that branched Tron out of Ethereum network. This resulted in TRX being supported in the specialised Tron wallets, including Guarda. All you need to do is choose between the versions. Currently, Tron is supported in the Web, Desktop and Extension Guarda wallets. The mobile version support will be added shortly.

Purchasing TRX is also available on Guarda along with Tron exchanges.


What is the novelty that Tron brings?

Tron is a recent addition to the cryptocurrency pantheon, but it does not make the coin less valuable. Tron developers tackle serious problems of the entertainment industry centralisation. The aim of Tron is to help the creators establish connections to their followers and users without help from monopolising industry giants. TRX is an important cog in this machine, as the content creators finally receive their change to be rewarded directly. The users also have a great opportunity to use Tron for minimising their digital imprint.

You can get your Guarda TRX wallet here.

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