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Guarda Token Generator

Guarda Token Generator

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It’s time to create your own token with Guarda!
As we all know, it is the very end of 2018 and tokens are the new black. It seems everyone now uses these crypto units in their tech enterprises. Some even make tokens just for fun. But is it really that easy?
Now, as jump on the bandwagon and launch Guarda Token Generator, it is!

What is a cryptocurrency token?

Basically, a token is a unit of value. Tokens represent all kinds of assets and utilities – from commodities to loyalty points.
Imagine – you have a startup and want to create a bonus programme or a cashback for your clients – the process of making it all work is dreadful, you will need to maintain the system afterwards, keep track of the record and do all kinds of extra movements to make your customer loyal. Why don’t we have a better solution?
As a matter of fact, we do. We have tokens supported by blockchains. The said tokens exist in the registry form and can be sold for fiat or another cryptocurrency in order to either fund the startup or thank the loyal clients.
Tokens are valuable little things that help entrepreneurs to promote their business, grow some more attraction and, of course, increase profit (and who doesn’t like that).

How can I create a token?

There are many ways of creating tokens through the big blockchain platforms with the most known one being Ethereum. ERC20 is a very common technical type of tokens, used in smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. These tokens are sure a great asset for businesses as a client loyalty programmes or funding possibilities.
Everybody wants to live their best crypto lives, create tokens, make their business flourish and retire to Cuba at the age of 40 with millions of dollars in their pocket, right? We guess so. However, there is a problem – you will need some knowledge and time to create a token of your dreams, edit it, promote it and so on. It is sure a long process of making you newly acquired token to become useful. Unfortunately, life is not always fair to those seeking business prosperity. Guarda understands the struggle and wants to give you a hand by creating a token generator for everyone to use.

Guarda Token Generator

We at Guarda know that many of our users are not experienced programmers and do not have the luxury of time to spend digging into the codes. Do not worry, we are the ones to take all the technical tasks. Token creation should become an easy process that is understandable for anyone.
All you will need to do to start using Guarda Token Generator is name your new crypto in our user-friendly service, set up supply and deploy a contract. Your ERC20 token is ready. Also, yes, it is that simple – just three steps!
After you have created a token, your contract will be published on Etherscan and all the block explorers. We absolutely make sure our smart-contract passes Etherscan verification process without any troubles. If you did not know it before, code verification is an essential step for making an ICO, as the code needs to be transparent for deployment.

Why choose Guarda?

Guarda Wallet is a trusted service with hundreds supported cryptocurrencies and partners all over the world. The tokens created with Guarda meet all the ERC20 requirements and are thoroughly audited by our team. We carefully examine all the parameters and features of your token and specify them in the contract code. The best thing, however, if – you do not have to do it yourself when you have Guarda technical specialists on your side.

I have created an ERC20 token – now what?

Now, as you have dropped your very own ERC20 token, the next step awaits. How can you introduce it to the public?  To help you with this challenge, we have created a special token promotion programme. For example, you can get a custom Mobile, Web and Desktop smart wallet for your tokens. Besides, you can customise your token by uploading an icon of choice. Let’s not forget the fact that the icon is a memorable feature used to represent tokens on exchanges.
When everything is set and ready to go, it is important to grow your token value with crowdsale contracts. We use our ready-made contract form to speed up the ICO process and make it easy and painless.
Last, but not least, the businesses can use the feature of mass payouts. If you consider rewarding your clients with the original token, Guarda will make a bounty or an airdrop in few clicks and spare your precious time from the mundane token management routine.