Written By Elizabeth Saul


Guarda Christmas Airdrop

Guarda Christmas Airdrop

Dear Guarda Wallet users, we are extremely happy that you have been with us during the course of this year! Now, when 2018 is coming to an end, we want to reward all of you with a special Christmas Airdrop.

Our team designed a pack of unique Christmas tokens. If you remember the Halloween pumpkin token giveaway, you must be familiar with the format.

Collecting Guarda tokens grants you an opportunity to get great discount perks in the upcoming Guarda products – believe us, the next year is going to bring lots of new things! If you have already collected some of the pumpkins, it is even better – the more tokens you get, the better deals you will have in the future. Besides, our ERC721 tokens can be used to get lower service fees in already existing products and services – the newly launched Token Generator and Guarda EOS accounts.

All the distributed tokens are ERC721 standard and can be stored in your Ethereum wallet.

To participate in the Christmas Airdrop, all you need to do is retweet this post from our page on Twitter, fill in a short form and, of course, get the tokens Guarda designed for you with so much love.

We are absolutely sure that 2019 is going to be a great year for cryptocurrencies. Get your crypto tokens now and enjoy getting some specialities from them throughout all the year to come. And believe us, there is going to be more tokens to give!
In case you are not familiar with ERC721 yet, here is a short description of what they are:

What are ERC721 tokens?

ERC721 type is a little bit more developed than your usual ERC20. Each token of this kind is unique and they often are used as collectables. Did you collect toy cars of Pokemon cards as a kid? If you have, then you get what ERC721 tokens are.

Some of you might have hard about the Ethereum-based game CryptoKitties. Basically, the players breed, sell and manage digital cats. The digital animals, for sure, are unique, allergy-free, cute and very collectable – this is the key to success. People love collecting different sorts of things. Also, collecting digital cats is much easier than the live ones, just saying.   

Uniqueness in the main feature of ERC721 tokens that makes them non-fungible (a.k.a one part cannot be replaced by another equal part). The fact that ERC721 are one-of-a-kind mean that the tokens can be used on any exchange, but the value of each token is defined with its rareness and characteristics. Some of the functions are a name, symbol, total supply, owner etc…

The main purpose of the tokens is being a part of somebody’s collection. Some projects, however, break away from this idea and start using ERC721 as a way to represent real-world assets. WePower (a platform supporting renewable energy production), for instance, uses tokens to act as a certain amount of electricity. Crypto Kitties, that were mentioned previously, became the first ERC721 application on such a massive scale. Afterwards, even crypto puppies and other crypto pets were created. As you can see, the majority of use cases are still somehow connected to unique collectable items and their utilisation.

Guarda holiday edition tokens use cases

Guarda tokens (including the Halloween pumpkins, Christmas tokens and other special holiday packs to come), besides being a nice addition to your token library, can be used for getting discounts on Guarda products. The Guarda Token Generator, EOS accounts and other products and services upcoming next year have the ability to be paid for in Guarda ERC721 tokens. The more tokens you collect, the more discounts and unique purchases you will be able to make with Guarda in the future!

Remember: get your free crypto now before it’s gone! Retweet a post, provide your ETH wallet address in the form and wait for Guarda holiday airdrop!

Have yourself a merry little Christmas and let it snow tokens!

UPDATE: Thanks for participating in Guarda Christmas Airdrop! All the tokens will be distributed on the 29th of December. Stay tuned for more great token giveaways from Guarda Wallet!