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GETH to ETH Swaps: Restart since May, 20

GETH to ETH Swaps: Restart since May, 20

Dear Guarda Wallet users,

We would like to inform you that today we have initiated the exit process for 5 ETH validators. These validators have exited the Beaconchain, and the funds from these validators will be available for withdrawal starting from May 19, 2023, at 5 PM UTC.

The withdrawn funds will be utilized to replenish liquidity for the GETH to ETH exchanges, ensuring the continuity of swap transactions.

Here are the validators that have exited the Beaconchain:

  1. 0x846e916bd2113f95ffabababf868b0a35d65e8c8911f40c2cad4f855e702fa9a6d7a0a0873e9eec6ab20580fb5b14a7c
  2. 0xb9f7fb73c642d5690cd1240e1478eea5d980dcb895ac9420501c320bc2020de82c93ab762cacf39b26c759fedd3404f0
  3. 0xa822ddb683ac04222ee9e3e3ec667193485ed8ec8ffae5d1cc10ea8b45b23afc0073ad9c086414f577c753df1132b61b
  4. 0x86765aa35d375ce22b7a46632268d54fed0e84b01ca8cce88518a87d93c0f779c0b2a1e79dd3e20f3c0b7bb5e9535db1
  5. 0xa3b34d38ef8c716d4bc2f38f56cdd75faa92f7e13e3062e9a68fa55e1c3a439241f2865be19e3b6763a5f802c8d84693

We are planning to continue exiting validators daily to unlock funds to be used for liquidity, allowing you to carry out swaps. Updates about exited validators will be posted daily in our Blog.

We appreciate your understanding and patience throughout this process. We will keep you updated on the status of the validators and the availability of the GETH-ETH exchanges.

Guarda Wallet Team