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GETH After Shanghai

GETH After Shanghai

Following the release of the Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade on April 12, it will be possible to withdraw ETH currently being staked from validators. There are 2 options available to withdraw staked ETH:

  1. Partial withdrawal of only accumulated rewards without stopping the validator’s operation.
  2. A full withdrawal of staked ETH and exit from The Beacon Chain.

However, this will not happen instantly, and validators will have a waiting period to access the funds they wish to withdraw due to the formation of a single queue for both partial and full withdrawal of validators’ funds.

For users who have staked ETH with Guarda, it is important to note the following:

  • After the Shanghai Upgrade, users will receive quarterly rewards for staking ETH in GETH. The size of the rewards is determined by the amount of GETH held by the holder, the holding period, and the total volume of rewards generated by Guarda validators during the calculation period, as usual. Reward payouts will be carried out even during the waiting period for funds withdrawal from validators.
  • Users who are not GETH holders at the time of the reward payout calculation will not receive any rewards.
  • Once the withdrawal of funds becomes available for Guarda validators in accordance with the network queue, Guarda Wallet will enable the exchange of GETH for ETH at a 1-to-1 ratio in the web, desktop, and mobile apps. We will post the information within the wallet and across all our social media platforms as soon as the exchange is available.
  • Withdrawing your staked funds before the next payout deadline can result in the loss of any accumulated rewards. For instance, if the rewards payout occurs on April 12 and the next payout is scheduled for the end of the quarter (June), any staked funds withdrawn on May 12 will lose the rewards earned between April 12 and May 12. This means those rewards will not be paid out and will effectively be burned. 

So, if you’re planning to withdraw or transfer your staked funds, make sure to do so right after the payout deadline to avoid losing out on any earned rewards.