ETHplode Bounty on Guarda Wallet – Get Your ETHPLO Tokens Now

Written by Elizabeth Saul

09 Aug 2019

Ethplode Guarda Bounty

Guarda Wallet team and ETHplode are conducting a giveaway – participate in the quiz, learn more about our partner’s project and win 200 ETHPLO tokens!

How to participate in ETHPLO tokens giveaway on Guarda?

  1. Get a handy Mobile cryptocurrency wallet on Guarda
  2. Follow Guarda on Twitter
  3. Join Guarda Wallet Telegram Community Chat
  4. Participate in the quiz linked in the Bounty section of your wallet or here. Answer the questions correctly and receive the prize of 200 ETHPLO tokens.
  5. You can find the right answers to the quiz questions in this article and on the official website of ETHplode
  6. Receive ETHPLO tokens to your Guarda Ethereum wallet!

What is ETHplode?

ETHplode is a store of value built on the Ethereum blockchain with deflationary characteristics. Whenever ETHPLO is transferred, 0.5% of the amount is burned. This built-in self-destructive functionality increases the scarcity of the asset over time and is hardcoded directly into our monetary structure.
ETHplode is based on the design of the Bomb token – the original hyper deflationary, self-destructing currency.
ETHplode has been created with a supply of 100,000,000 ETHPLO tokens. Whenever a transaction is made, 0.5% of the amount will be burned and removed from the total supply. Through a system of smart contracts, it is guaranteed and impossible to create new tokens.

How will the ETHplode bounty tokens be distributed?

Guarda Wallet team will announce the start of ETHplode bounty token distribution on Twitter – please be sure to stay tuned to the news there! The winners will be chosen randomly (by putting the entries into the randomiser) on the day the token bounty finishes. Every winner will receive a confirmation email.
All you need to have to receive ETHPLO is an Ethereum wallet on Guarda – once sent out, ETHPLO will be available in the “Tokens” section.

Check the Bounty page in your wallet for more details.

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