Written By Elizabeth Saul


Ethereum Constantinople Delayed

Ethereum Constantinople Delayed

The Internet is outraged (or, is some cases, quite upset) about the news we have heard just a day prior to the long-awaited Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork. According to a security firm ChainSecurity, a critical bug was found in the code changes that were ready to be implemented for Constantinople upgrade. Due to this, the major hard fork of Ethereum blockchain has to be postponed.


The developers of Ethereum agreed to delay the fork because of this issue and still have not decided upon the date of trying to re-issue the upgrade. Core developers of Ethereum along with the main stakeholders of the network performed an audio call in which they explained the issue and agreed on the decision to cancel Constantinople implementation (hopefully, just for now). The security alert was also spread via Ethereum social network channels.


What happened to Ethereum Constantinople?


In short, ChanSecurity discovered that the main changes (five of them, to be precise) of Ethereum Constanstantinople, contained a bug that could potentially leave the smart contacts vulnerable to attacks. This could not only do harm to the network but also lead to the fund losses for Ethereum users.

Ethereum price was influenced with the cancellation, too. At the time of writing, the popular currency is down 4.5% and is trading at $123.81.

Guarda team is waiting for the updates on the new date of Constantinople upgrade.