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Create tokens and increase your profit

Create tokens and increase your profit

In the sight of our Token Generator development, Guarda explains more notions of Ethereum-based tokens being useful for businesses as a loyalty programme bonus. In this article, we also ponder on some real-life use cases of crypto tokens that are already happening today. Jump in and create tokens with us!

Why create tokens?

We all know the people who are collecting miles for free airline tickets or get cashback in the local grocery shops or their own credit cards. Now there is something to be even more hyped up about – cryptocurrency loyalty programmes.

Imagine, you grab a drink in your favourite bar or coffee shop and get a “cashback” in crypto to your cryptocurrency wallet by entering a code provided. This is not something out of a science-fiction movie – cryptocurrency loyalty programmes are already happening today.   

To make all these things possible, cryptocurrency tokens are needed. Tokens, unlike their “siblings” – crypto coins – do not necessarily represent nominal value (in the traditional understanding of this term) – you can choose what you token would represent yourself and create its value according to your goals. Hence, tokens are perfect for reward programmes for customers and users.

Companies are embracing the notion of crypto tokens, there are thousands of tokens already made and this number is only growing. Massive enterprises, for instance, Hewlett Packard, are figuring out how to make tokens accepted as a gas station payments or converted to cash or other popular cryptocurrencies. As more people get themselves acquainted with the crypto scene and start purchasing coins, it becomes easier for the companies to think of the way tokens can be introduced to the daily lives of their clients. Even the hesitant merchants start thinking about creating tokens, as the main problem of the old ways of making the loyalty programmes work is abandonment. No joke, but more than half of loyalty members are inactive in the US – this massive amount of people rarely check for specials that come to the “elite club” and have never redeemed their perks.

Due to this, companies are hoping that tokens, especially Ethereum ERC20 tokens that are widely used in this business can save the day. ERC20 tokens are cheap to make and maintain, they do not require cards, they accumulate in the user’s wallets with no hassle and have the actual purpose of being either spent or exchanged. All good, right?

However, the question is – how to make a token? It should require at least some coding skills and blockchain knowledge.

The answer to this would be yes and no at the same time.

Sure, you can make your tokens yourself – if you are in charge of a company, you will need to hire a specialist (or a team) to think about the concept, roll the tokens out, get them ready and impeccable. There is, however, a much easier way to make things work for your bonus programme – token generators.

There are not that many options on the market, but there are some services that allow users to create their own token without any special knowledge. Usually, they take quite a bit of time and are quite expensive.

Good thing – Guarda offers a solution to this issue.

Guarda Token Generator

Guarda Token Generator is a service of an absolutely new generation for ERC token creation process. Our team of professionals takes all the coding business to themselves and you get your very own ERC20 standard token for a very modest price. Basically, the requirements for creating your own token with us is an idea (which is, for sure, completely yours) for a token – like its name and supply and an ethereum wallet. That’s it.

All the other tasks are taken by our team – we create tokens, maintain them, make your new crypto meet all the ERC20 standards (all the tokens created with Guarda are ready for Etherscan, verified and audited) and send them to you. All the further management also conveniently happens in Guarda – whether it is creating a campaign, customising the token and listing it on special token exchange platforms, all these features will be available in the nearest future. You can read more on how to create a token in our previous blog posts – it is very easy indeed.


Summing up our ideas, the reward programmes are definitely undergoing a major evolution. The crypto token solution for abandonment problem is getting accepted by bigger companies, the word spreads and the awareness of tokens being the new reward grows. We invite you to this world, no matter if you are a company or an individual – everybody has an opportunity to create their own custom cryptocurrency tokens. You can issue a token in less than 10 minutes, send it and make your very own awesome bounty campaigns and increase your profit drastically with minimal effort. After all, tokens are versatile little things that can be used in many cases – all you need is your own imagination and a Generator to help you!