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NOW Token Staking Available

NOW Token Staking Available

We’re happy to introduce NOW Staking — a way to profit for NOW holders!

What is NOW Staking?

NOW Tokens serve as an internal currency on NOW products. As ChangeNOW grows extremely fast, the tokens will be in great demand. NOW token for staking is on your Binance Chain Wallet.
To stake NOW you need to freeze some or all of your NOW Tokens. Get a 25% yearly ROI.
It only works with the BEP2 tokens issued on Binance Chain.

Start staking NOW

To start you need to freeze a certain amount of tokens into the network. The freezing transaction can be sent from Guarda.
Go to your Binance Chain Wallet and choose NOW Staking then decide how much you’d like to deposit for freezing.

When will I get rewarded?

Rewards are granted every week — on Wednesdays at 12 UTC.

Calculate rewards

Stake NOW Calculator

Your profits depend on how much NOW you’re staking, and for how long. The minimum that you can stake is 1 NOW. The maximum amount for which we grant the rewards is 100,000 NOW. If you stake more, you will only be rewarded 100,000.
The minimal staking time span is 1 week. The duration of NOW Freezing is not limited — stake for a year or more.

Stake NOW