Written By Elizabeth Saul


Card Payments in Guarda Extension

Card Payments in Guarda Extension

Don’t you just hate it when you are gaming peacefully, but then something gets in your way? I guess we all do to some extent. Possible, you remember the oldie-yet-goldie YouTube video of a guy smashing his computer with a chair? Well, some people have it worse than the others, you know. Inability to buy crypto with cards is one of these annoying things getting on the bay of crypto gamers.

Guarda team hates the inconvenience and tries to eliminate it from all the aspects of our users’ lives. Mobile Multiwallet is a solution for the multitaskers, built-in exchange saves you the time on crypto swaps, the Token Generator helps those who are not willing to code, you name it. For all the crypto gamers out there, we invented something new as well. To make your gaming experience much more comfortable, we enabled card payments on Guarda Wallet Extension Version
If you do not know what are blockchain games and how to use card payments in Guarda extension, let us explain.

What is a blockchain game?

If you have heard of DApps before, then you must know that they are not owned by any central authority and offer a peek at this perfect self-ruling world that we all deserve and try to achieve in the crypto space. Decentralised Applications are sure great for many reasons, but they did not become mainstream until being exposed to a wider audience though… Kittens.

Cryptokitties became the most popular blockchain-based game very rapidly. In short terms, the game itself is a Tamagotchi-style app that allows users to raise, trade and adopt virtual kittens. First of all, cats are cute. Secondly, you can spend lots of time petting virtual animals and playing the game with your real-world friends. Due to these factors, the sales of Cryptokitties have rocketed. Users have legitimately spent over $12 million on digital cats.

There are more applications like this.

For instance, Etheremon – decentralised world of Ethereum Monsters. The game opens up a world where you can capture, train, trade and transform mystical creatures. Basically, it is quite like the next generation Pokemon Go. The game prides being decentralised – all the values are created and managed by the users themselves.

Another great example of a blockchain-based game is Blockchain Cuties. This is a collection-type game as well, but the pets you raise and breed are more diverse – the game offers unique creatures to adopt. The game promotes decentralisation and 100% ownership of whatever happens to the assets (a.k.a. cuties). You can trade and transfer with anyone and any time.

All these games are great, have many users are for sure are entertaining. However, users need some special tools to start playing. For example, an Extension Wallet.  

What is Guarda Extension Wallet?

Basically, it is your common Guarda wallet in a new format of a Chrome browser extension. The wallet can be downloaded in the Google Chrome Store. The Extension is great for those who are into the blockchain games. As the apps you play exist in your browser, there is no ability to use the mobile or web crypto wallet with them – everything you utilise needs to be on the same platform (a.k.a. In your browser). This is where the Guarda Extension steps in – our wallet opens right in Chrome and works together with the game you are currently playing.

So, having some crypto in your Guarda Wallet can help you purchase the Kitties or explore new worlds.

But wait, what if you do not have any crypto on your balance? Usually, this means that you will have to open another wallet, buy some cryptocurrency on the exchange and make all of these movements while your poor kittens are dying of starvation. Guarda does not want anyone to suffer and waste precious time, so our Extension Wallet can now be filled in with cryptocurrency bought with your bank card.

How do the card payments work in Guarda Extension?

Imagine – you have a very important training session with your Ethereum Monster and you need to pay for some extra features. You open your Extension wallet and see nothing on your balance. No chance to exchange or buy cryptocurrency. Oops!

Don’t worry, Guarda’s got you covered. All you need to do is open the Extension Wallet and press BUY like shown on the picture below. Choose the card payment method and you are all set to continue the interrupted playing session.

This is how card payments look like in Guarda Extension

Guarda Extension Wallet new features make us the true novelty on the gaming market. Not only the users have an opportunity to play no matter what is their currency cryptocurrency balance, but also the game developers can get more clients for their apps by simplifying the process of crypto purchases. Everybody is left winning.