Written By Elizabeth Saul


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Hard Fork

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Hard Fork

Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork is about to happen. We all sure know that the cryptocurrency world is in constant development. Programmers and foundations strive to achieve the best results to make their blockchains meet the standards of the most demanding communities. Upgrades mean development and Guarda thinks that all the upgrades are for the best.

The best examples of upgrades are hard forks – radical protocol changes. This can result (however, not necessarily) in a split of the chain when two coins appear instead of one. Splits usually result in the cryptocurrency community being divided and fighting. As a digital wallet, we prefer to remain neutral in this feud and add the newly occurring coins to provide the biggest variety of cryptocurrencies for our clients.

One of the major hard forks for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is about to happen soon. The hard fork is scheduled for 15th November 2018 and as this date approaches more and more of our clients get curious about the novelty to arrive. As a multi-currency wallet, Guarda is working hard to implement all the upgrades of listed blockchains in time.

Actions Guarda will take during Bitcoin Cash hard fork:

  • Upgrading the wallet software to support unstoppable service during the hard fork
  • Supporting a split chain with wallet solution in case of adoption
  • Expected downtime during hard fork: 0 minutes

Guarda team will carefully monitor the whole process of the upgrade and support the changes introduced to BCH blockchain.

Note: Guarda is a non-custodial wallet. Unlike some custodial wallets on the market, Guarda strives for maximum security of our users and never take hold of their funds or Private Keys. Even if our wallet does not support the newly created chain, you are always free to use your Private Key with other software. However, we would like to remind our clients of basic security rules – it is dangerous to use your keys with non-trustworthy software.

Keep your coins safe with Guarda and wait for the results of Bitcoin Cash hard fork!