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Ycash was presented to the public by its development team as the first Zcash “friendly fork”.

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What is ycash?

Ycash was presented to the public by its development team as the first Zcash “friendly fork” implying that there won’t be a community schism after the launch of a new chain as it often happens in such circumstances. At first sight, this confidence may seem excessive but when it comes to the goals of the project we see how closely they follow the ones of the original blockchain. Thus, the newly established network that split up at block height 570.000 aims to make mining available on commodity hardware and retain the cap of Founders Reward on 2.1 million hight. Those ideas were previously declared at the dawn of the Zcash Foundation but later they were largely abandoned since the founders preferred to concentrate on other issues. Though being absolutely independent of the Zcash Foundation (neither officially endorsed nor supported by it), the creators of Ycash have taken up on restoring and improving the old promises by making 3 significant changes:

Firstly, Ycash reduces the Founders Reward rate from 20% to 5% in order to hold the coin cap on 2.1 million level Secondly, the rest of the Founders Reward is transferred to the nonprofit Ycash Foundation Thirdly, the Proof-of-Work algorithm will be transformed in the future to the one that is more suitable for mining on commodity software. This fix will be implemented later that the other two, for it the most challenging and groundbreaking of all.

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