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PundiX (NPXS) is a blockchain project that creates a massive decentralized network utilizing merchant devices, cards, and crypto-wallets.

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What is pundi x?

PundiX (NPXS) is a blockchain project that creates a massive decentralized network utilizing merchant devices, cards, and crypto-wallets. The creators of the project aim to make cryptocurrency purchases as simple as “buying a bottle of water”. PundiX is focused on making shopping simpler for consumers. NPXS has distributed thousands of Point-of-Sale (POS) smart devices based on Ethereum, retailers can now accept payments in NPXS from consumers all over the world. The system ensures low transaction fees for retailers and many businesses, governments, payment systems, and retailers are using the PundiX solution to take advantage of blockchain technology.
PundiX offers three technology components: PundiX platform, mobile wallets, and payment cards. The special feature of the PundiX is that it is integrated and operates into two blockchains – Ethereum and NEM. The last has been chosen because it is popular with Asian financial institutions.

How does it work?

PundiX was designed to connect plugins to the Ethereum blockchain via two layers. The first communication layer is responsible for transmitting the buying request, and the second blockchain layer records sales transactions. PundiX is a perfect platform for small shops.
This allows customers to pay for goods with cryptocurrencies stored in their mobile wallet, and to buy different cryptocurrencies. PundiX has announced that it will deliver 100,000-700,000 POS devices to at least 30+ different countries in the next years. In addition to the basic model, PundiX is also capable of accepting major credit cards, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay.

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NPXS ecosystem

In order to attract developers and partners for the XPOS devices, XWallet, and XPASS, third-parties will need NPXS or NPXSXEM to fuel transactions, rewards, payments, and incentives. The XPOS system serves merchants by featuring incorporating inventory, membership, and identity management. It has more features and advantages than Bitcoin ATMs due to the increased range of services available and the lower cost. Finally, XPOS devices are smaller, allowing them to be installed in a variety of locations. The PundiX token (NPXS) is used as a network gas, powering transactions, and advertisement. PundiX ensures to digitize stores with the XPOS and offer costumers the ability to buy digital assets using fiat, a credit card, a mobile wallet, or the Pundi XPASS that allows them to shop with a single swipe. Everybody can use fiat or a bank card to top-up wallet with digital currencies at any PundiX partner location. Pundi XWallet also provides a virtual XPASS card, which can be synchronized with a physical card or wallet (for example Guarda wallet) that supports BTC, ETH (ERC 20), NPXS, XEM, QTUM (QRC 20), BNB, XLM, and other common digital currencies.

PundiX x function

Pundi Function X – f(x) Function X or f(x) includes the hardware devices required to take advantage of Pundi blockchain-based operating system. The first launched device is the PundiX blockchain phone, called “BOB” or “Blok on Blok”. The PundiX team is also working to upgrade the XPOS terminals to take advantage of f(x) technology. Every dApp, image, data, bit and byte will be decentralized, the first model of BOB is built based on the Snapdragon 660, 6GB + 64GB specifications. Now, it is a prototype and the final product will be different.

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Reward system

pundi x rewards users for voting and editing articles. So-called “Brain Power” system determines the weight of the user’s vote. Staking npxs locks up the npxs token for 21 days (non-transferable) and grants the user a 1:1 ratio of spendable “Brain Power”(non-tradable). After 21 days, the tokens can be used in staking again. The rewards are paid to users who do the editing and who vote for or against the validity of the user’s activity (curating).

pundi x + Prednpxst

pundi x developers have built one of the largest DeFi dApps for learning called Prednpxst. It is a multifunctional complex DeFi platform for earnings and investing. pundi x is rebranded as pundi x+Prednpxst. Prednpxst is the 2nd pundi x's dApp and will become the full DeFi service. It offers extended predictive market functionality: anyone can create, participate, and resolve financial markets that are powered by the npxs token. The key objective of pundi x+Prednpxst’s can be represented into two parts: The npxs tokens utility governs bringing real-world data on-chain (encyclopedia articles, oracles, sources of truth) and brings market forces to knowledge and real-world events (prediction markets, synthetic assets, DeFi products). Prednpxst is the next generation complex tool in DeFi world and has become the first decentralized prediction market dApp based on EOS. It is currently a full-featured prediction market, with the DeFi primitives such as synthetic assets (branding as ‘npxs smart assets’), lending, money markets, and leverage. All of these features governed by, fees paid with, markets resolved through, and interest paid out to npxs token holders.

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