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Incent’s blockchain-driven incentivization platform was developed to service the attention Economy.

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What is incent?

Incent’s blockchain-driven incentivization platform was developed to service the attention Economy. The technology allows any business, brand, or publisher to reward consumers instantly with INCNT token for their attention, engagement, or any other digitally trackable activity. Content creators can grow up their fanbase, get rewards for their content, and reward viewers. It is a free reward tool that can automatically generate reward codes during live-stream sessions. Viewers can rapidly exchange their codes and get rewards directly on the Incent platform. When the viewer redeems code, the Ingage system instantly rewards verified content creators. Verified creators have the benefits and may earn an income for every code redeemed during their live-stream, get donations from their viewers, and check real-time reward analytics. Incent operates works with any live streaming platforms such as Youtube Live, Twitch, Mixer, DLive, Facebook gaming,

Incent History

Incent Network is originally a blockchain project of loyalty programs built on the Waves platform. Stores allow customers bonus tokens that could be used to purchase goods and services involved in different programs. Several technological components have been developed by the team:
A merchant framework designed on the basis of Google Firebase, which provides an operating toolbar, full analytics, e-commerce packages, wallet, and CRM.
Incent marketplace, where it was possible to purchase or earn INCNT tokens. Consumers can spend, exchange, or send tokens from a smartphone or email address to someone else. Unlike traditional loyalty programs and various bonuses, INCNT tokens do not have an "expiry date". Incent platform with a ready-made infrastructure for creating loyalty programs based on blockchain technology, for all interested stores, allowed to attract more customers, and increase profitability. However, Incent is primarily used in a more rapidly evolving and profitable field of live-streaming.

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How does it Work?

Incent allows content creators to make better audience targeting, higher engagement, and reduce consumer acquisition costs. Becoming a verified user is easy - the content creator needs to launch 5 campaigns (live-streams) and have 5 unique users redeeming a reward code. This technology was designed to be implemented in any marketing channel, allowing advertisers to reach new consumers. Incent’s reward toolkit includes two key technologies (beyond blockchain): which are called Insync and Ingage.

Insync and Ingage

Insync is a bank linking system, which enables users to synchronize their bank accounts with the platform and read data from them. It allows Incent to issue INCNT tokens to consumers for any transaction that meets loyalty criteria – for example, a purchase at a specific store. Ingage uses so-called drop-codes (short strings of characters) to allow consumers to redeem INCNT from ‘coupons’, which viewers and readers receive in compensation for their attention and time.

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Incent benefits

This system offers a lot of opportunities to reward various activities, going far beyond simple commerce. Turbo-charged rewards can be used for shopping with a partner company. Retailers can launch special promotions for individual stores, or on a particular day or week, bringing additional benefits to consumers. It is possible to give bonuses for purchase of specific goods or brands. Ingage was successfully trialed as the attention economy tool in streaming eSports tournaments, increasing audience viewing. It is a great field with a big future potential. Finally, behavioral economics shows that the new reward system can get people to change the way they usually act

INCNT token

INCNT is based on the Waves blockchain. Guarda wallet also supports all the other tokens built on this platform. Incent is seeking to reward people properly for all commerce values. It provides tools for everyone to incentivize any digitally trackable activity instantly and easily, using technologies that can be applied online. All consumers are instantly rewarded with an amount of INCNT. It is a fuel that powers the Incent platform since 2016. INCNT is a cryptocurrency of programmatically finite supply.

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