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Gulden is a user-friendly cryptocurrency. Send Gulden to each other, pay at Gulden Merchants and receive interest.

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What is Gulden?

Gulden is a next generation blockchain based currency and payment system. Gulden takes the blockchain concept to a whole new level; improving on multiple downsides and deficiencies in the earlier implementations of blockchain.
The project is driven at the core by a focus on key concepts like usability and quality which shows through in our software.


A Witness is a Gulden user that has locked his or her Gulden (min. 5000 Gulden) for a certain period of time (min. 1 Month) and receives interest from the system itself. A Witness is anonymous and is selected at random. The miner needs a Witness to verify the block before it becomes valid. Witnesses can only verify blocks that play according to the rules, so a miner has to share a block immediately to avoid losing money. This prevents miners from misbehaving.

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