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As a multicurrency non-custodial light wallet, Guarda supports 29 most popular coins and more than 500 various tokens, and EOS is among them.

To use Guarda Wallets, one doesn’t even have to create an account. Top-notch security is one of Guarda’s priorities, so all our users can rest assure of safety of their crypto assets. Guarda doesn’t store any user’s personal data.We don’t charge any additional fees.

Guarda was designed as a user-friendly interface to freely manage crypto coins and tokens. With Guarda you can safely store, exchange, buy, transfer and receive EOS.

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What is EOS?

EOS is a platform created to run and create decentralised applications, also known as DApps. The network based on the blockchain and was created in 2017 by Dan Larimer. The project started with an ICO, where people could get tokens when paying in Ethereum.

The developers and founders of EOS wanted to create a blockchain platform that allows developers to create DApps freely and without limitations. EOS main aim is to scale as many transactions per seconds as possible, simultaneously providing an accessible experience to the developers and users. Indeed, it is quite easy to use. For this reason, financial analysts around the world proclaim EOS as the future of distribution companies and blockchain.

EOS LOGO: The EOS logo is a Chestahedron, the first heptahedron in Geometry, having 7 surfaces (4 triangles and 3 quadrilaterals), making it very innovative, creative and original in the cryptocurrency world.

If you ask us how to buy EOS, the answer is quite simple – EOS can be purchased on Guarda along with major cryptocurrency exchanges. EOS pairs with other cryptocurrencies and fiat money.


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Is It Secure?

Applications that are built in EOS platform do not require micropayments.

The EOS system structures each block in order to maximize its performance and avoid delays. The main objective of EOS is to provide a decentralized platform to host applications, implement smart contracts and use blockchain for businesses while hoping to solve the scalability issues faced by other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Because of its great popularity, EOS tokens currently have a great profitability and its future is quite promising, since it is not only a token, but it is a platform that has a huge future vision and, therefore, investors feel more secure.

You should know

It has changed with the release of its own mainnet and it's currently supported by different wallets. Transactions are 100% free of commissions. The price of EOS has had many changes; however, it has a tendency to increase.

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