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Chiliz presents the concept of crowd management in sport and e-sports. It is an entire ecosystem consisting of the Socios platform and Chiliz Exchange.

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What is chiliz?

Chiliz presents the concept of crowd management in sport and e-sports. It is an entire ecosystem consisting of the Socios platform and Chiliz Exchange. The Socios platform provides every fan with the opportunity to engage in the development of their favorite team. Cryptocurrency CHZ is a “fuel” of the platform. The sports and e-sports industries usually operate in such a way that fans do not participate in the life and growth of their favorite teams, they only passively buying souvenirs, tickets, etc. The purpose of the Socios Platform to tokenize the voting rights of each fan, and give the ability to vote on the most important decisions in the club. Blockchain technology guarantees 100% transparency.

Sports and e-sports market

A crowd management system lets the world’s 2.2+ billion gamers and 400+ million esports fans to take an active part in major decision making events for their favorite organizations and teams. Inspired by crowd-control models used by football teams including Real Madrid & FC Barcelona, Chiliz blockchain turns team management into an entertainment, gaming voting rights gives fans a voice to manage clubs, leagues, events and game titles. Chiliz provides consumer involvement and alternative payment options for sport and e-sports products. Sports and entertainment entities with blockchain-based tools must help to engage and monetize their audiences. Chiliz builds scalable service layers on top of the private PoA (proof- of-authority) blockchain (the Chiliz chain). All of these projects are fuelled by the Chiliz token (CHZ).

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Socios platform features

The platform is built on the Chiliz blockchain and uses CHZ as a native currency. The Socios allows fans to buy licensed Fan Tokens from the biggest sports teams, including FC Barcelona (football), Paris Saint-Germain (football), Juventus (football), AS Roma (football), Galatasaray (football), Atlético Madrid (football), West Ham (football), OG (Dota 2) and UFC Federation. For example, the recent sale of FC Barcelona tokens raised more than $1.3m in less than 2 hours, with $777k in less than 2 minutes on the Chiliz exchange. Football fans and crypto enthusiasts from 106 countries have purchased BAR tokens. Fan Tokens allow users to influence their teams via voting and its results are executed as a complex of smart contracts which records on the Chiliz blockchain. The developers of the Chiliz platform will also introduce the Global Player League (GPL). The GPL is a decentralized, fan-controlled, scalable e-sports league operated by the chiliZ (CHZ) token. There is no intermediaries between teams and fans.

The interaction scheme between clubs and fans:

The club initially settles what part of decisions the fan community will take. A certain amount of so-called Fan Tokens is generated on the, then fans buy these coins and get voting rights on the platform. Anyone can buy fan tokens for CHZ - the more Fan Tokens, the more powerful the voice of the customer. Fan Tokens are always sold at a fixed price, guaranteeing a fair allocation of voting rights. There is protection against the monopoly on the platform. An infinite number of Fan Tokens cannot be purchased by one person.

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Chiliz exchange uses software that allows the 24/7 trading of digital assets from the biggest sports brands. It is the first crypto exchange that doesn’t focus on traditional crypto products and doesn't compete with the other crypto exchanges. Socios is headquartered in Malta, but the Chiliz exchange is operated from Singapore. The developers also announced the launch of the research and development blockchain hub to support the Chinese sports industry’s adoption of blockchain technology.

Chiliz privacy

Privacy is one of the most important features of the platform. Chiliz collects user data only for the purpose of user verification (KYC). 5-layer verification method is based on user activity, the personal information provided is used only to verify your identity. Each user has a unique identifier, the so-called 'Socios Pass.' To access this Socios Pass to engage with a variety of features and services, users must complete some of the "Know Your Customer" (KYC) identity verification steps.

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